Friday, April 2, 2010

I and Love and You

Thanks to my sweet friend j. I have now listened to this little npr concert about five times through this morning. And if it wasn't clear why I was single as of yet, it is because I am planning and plotting on marrying the Avett Brothers...yep...ALL of them.


Michelle said...

I saw them live last year at Red changed my life. Would you be so kind as to save a brother for me? Thanks friend.

melanie said...

Ha! A friend recently steered me towards these guys as well. I love the lyric "for you will wear the shape I'm in." So beautiful.

Maybe we can go on a triple date?

jomama said...

it's amazing, right? but, sorry, they're both married.

Stella said...

They are married! The dream is dead!

oh well.

Ok, Michelle, Melanie, we need to find three hot musicians to triple date with. I am hoping for some flamenco guitarists in southern Portugal? you girls game?