Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Born to Run

The highlight of my week so far. Yup.

Most favorite part...Hugo Cameo. How I miss him.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Something Stressful....

Green Tea ice cream helps me deal with stress.
I wish it didn't,
but it does.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Wedding Invitation

Sometimes I wish this blog weren't so dedicated to keeping identities private and I could put all the pretty pictures up that I take. This one is sans faces, so I think it is safe.

As my sweet sister, her fiance, and I drove down to Utah county to take engagement photos on my uncle's farm (because, where else would one go?)...the wording of her wedding invitations was the hot topic of deep conversation.

I suggested:
"What is a friend but one soul in two bodies."

She suggested:
"Cute spinster finally gets married to hot bachelor and gives everyone my age some semblance of hope."

Then I suggested:
"He's finally going to make an honest woman out of me."
(they've been co-habitating for awhile now)

And she put in that it might be good to add:
"We are pleased to announce that we will not be living in sin anymore."

And then she remembered this wedding invitation she got once that said,
"You are invited to be a part of our fairytale."

I thought the expectations of that reception might be a little high.

So I suggested something I remember getting on a wedding invitation
(with precious moments on the cover)
"We invite you to be a witness to one of life's loveliest surprises as we are joined together in matrimony..."

And then we realized the demographic of Utah and the typical wedding reception that takes place in a church, with sheet cakes, hundreds of congregation members who give you salad spinners from Wal-Mart and wear overalls to the reception (or thereabouts).

So Her Fiance suggested:
"We request the pleasure of your company as long as you don't bring your children, give us money in lieu of gifts, and don't wear stretchy pants."

This is harder than I thought. What would Martha suggest for a black tie cocktail party/reception at a beautifully lighted venue?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Something Matrimonial...

My sister is getting married in two months.
We have been planning the wedding for over a year.
People will be sitting on chairs,
though I tried to get us to go the "bale of hay" route.
Tiny cookies in perfect colors will be served.
I will be the Maid of Honor
and wearing a dress that fills the roll.
This photo made me want to marry a hippie.
My sister is NOT marrying a Hippie.
Small white cakes will be served.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pick Me Up.

Even though the wrinkles on his forehead make him look like he is 40, I still HEART Joseph Gordon-Levitt in more ways that I can count. And, I think, this pick up line would actually work on me.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Move over Tiffany...

I've had many a grand adventure this summer, this year, this decade. In all of those grand adventures, small moments stand out almost more fragrantly than the big ones. One such small moment was wandering in SOHO last month and coming across the most delightful jewelry store. It was an oasis for those of us who love to don a good pair of original earrings.

I was hooked the moment I saw them, but then the prices made me gulp just a little bit. But then the earrings made me gulp a lot more. So, I decided, being unemployed as I was at the time, being frugal as I was trying to be at the time, and being very aware of my bank account balance, that I would buy a pair. That's logic.

Do you ever do that? Do you ever get to such a stressed out point that you lose all control and spend $80 on a pair of earrings to make everything ok for just a moment?

I do. And I did. And I don't regret it. Because now I am employed and now I have the earrings. I wish I had a photo of them with me now, but I don't. I'll put one up soon.

Apparently GAS Bijoux is the latest rage in NYC and Paris and sweeping the world with its elegance. Take a look, you WON'T be dispppointed...unless you are. Simple. Pretty.