Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

For Easter morn, I'll wake up and have a cup of tea.

I'll write my thoughts in my journal and give them a place to be seen. They like it when I do that; it helps them rest.

I'll pick up pen and put it to paper to send a distant letter to a close friend. I like friends.

I'll take a walk and confide. And most likely there will be a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye.

And I'll spend time in a light-filled room thinking of all the things I am grateful for and how much this day and time has expanded from the one-dimensional way I used to look at it.

And I'll be happy. The end.


Rowena said...

I'm surrounded by children hopped up on sugar, up since 6am, making food and keeping fights from happening all morning, shaky from sugar, and still so far to go before rest.

I want YOUR easter. Sounds divine.

Michelle said...

Happy Easter friend! Your day sounds lovely.

Christine said...

You are living MY fairy tale!!
P.s.- I want your living room`

Stella said...

Thank you ladies! I wish I had had a good ole fashion Easter egg hunt though!

Christine--it's not my living room, it's from a magazine, but it's like my future living room will be--maybe with fewer dishes?

JMH said...

We Polish Catholics do silly things like eating cold ham, sausage, and veal with horseradish for breakfast every Easter after Mass, along with deviled eggs, which should have 2 l's (or else be pronounced DE-viled), sweet cheese bread, and pound cakes in the shape of lambs. I don't participate in the religion part, though I recognize that it is important to some.

Do you really write paper letters to people? I had a pen pal once. It was nice. I can't remember where she lived. I was seven.

sammy said...

im still in awe that you write letters. (in awe in a good way)

i told my wife that i swear every time i come to your page i feel like im in a dream or on a remote beach reading a book or something and i CANNOT stand the beach!

again in a good way : )

sammy said...

also what happened to the "something religious" post that i see in my reader but not on your page?

i like your take on that stuff

Boquinha said...

Sounds lovely. Happy Easter, friend. :)

Stella said...

JMH--pound cake in the SHAPE of baby lambs? Genius!!

Sammy--dreaming on a remote beach was just what I was going for on this blog! And, I took the religious post down because I just decided not to go there with that one. It wasn't put together just right. I'm revising it.

Boquinha! So happy to have you visit here, friend.