Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Something about Mary...

I heard a joke the other day about a pious soul who dies, goes to heaven, and gains an audience with the Virgin Mary.

The visitor asks Mary why, for all her blessings, she always appears in paintings as a bit sad, a bit wistful: Is everything O.K.?

Mary reassures her visitor: “Oh, everything’s great. No problems. It’s just ... it’s just that we had always wanted a daughter.”

Taken from a great article about the old Boy's Club in the Catholic Church that you can find here.


JonJon said...

Funny. I just read that yesterday.

sammy said...

haha good one. i love a good joke!

i just had a similar convo with my brother how it bothers me when people say, normally guys, 'i dont want a daughter.'

i find it weird because there is 50-50 chance you will get just that and possibly two girls in some cases.