Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Today I decided to write a list of the colors I like so that I could make a wise decision for my office space. Instead, I ended up simply writing a list of things I like and don't like.

It went like this:

Midsummer, stained glass windows by Chagall, Xanadu, stories of detection, bridges over water, eddys and tides, flickers of emotions, paragraphs, luminous conversations, poise, tolling of the bells (for whom--it matters not to me!), Sussex, unexpected depths of experience and romance, studying people without speaking, talking with hints of melody, birdbaths, orange skies, Mr. Darcy, Flight of the Conchords, left handed people, Ludwig Van, snow capped mountains, English cottages, Magnolia Bakery, French kissing, funiculars, old men in chapeaux, Stanley Kubrick, clotted cream, lavender, stacked fire wood, apple cider, abandoned buildings, Loch Ness, bike bells, green shutters, Isle of Skye, Parisian cobblestone, Swiss cow bells, Mongolian horses. 

Prime numbers, the parsimonious, liver, breezeless and sultry afternoons, the artificial, mulchy earth, queues, processed food, daisies, paisley, George Clooney, global warming, disrespecting the elderly, purse snatchers, Posh Beckham, pork, poverty, lots of bling, rabies, nylons, lack of individuality, ultra low-rise jeans, Wal-Mart, globalization, osteoporosis, fanny packs, feeling emotionally empty, ignorance, DO NOT ENTER signs.


Tom said...

I like the stained glass Chagalls to. Good list.

JMH said...

I like the things you like. I also like pork and nylons. I'd imagine I'd like pork in nylons. What does that even mean?

Boquinha said...

Who doesn't like Mr. Darcy? Oh, hey! I just got that! The apostrophe threw me. Wow. How COOL is that?!

And I dislike George Clooney, too. I mean, I guess he might be okay, but all of his roles are the SAME GUY. Kind of annoying. But, you dislike daisies? Hmmmm, that's my favorite flower.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

I think you should like Jon Hamm. He dislikes prime numbers.