Monday, December 13, 2010


Here are two original poems written by one of my quiet and sweet 11th graders. I have long suspected that she knows, on a first-hand basis, just what this first poem is all about. I think the first poem is the reason she wrote the second. And so the cycle of poetry goes. We cannot help but show a bit of who we are. That's what I love about it.

I’m not afraid of you. 
Push me up against the wall.
Punch and curse, as usual. 
Swallow me up in your pride, 
Never wrong, just always right. 
Does it make you feel strong, 
when I’m looking up at you, 
on the ground, cowering in fear
How do you feel?
Up against the wall. 
Punch. Slam.
Up against the wall. 
Punch. Slam. 
Push me down. 
I’m on the ground,
being slapped around. 
Why me? 
They say you hurt 
the one you love, 
That’s your philosophy, 
Do you feel better? 
You’re no man, 
for pushing me around. 
Punch. Slap. 
Punch Slap. 
I’m not afraid of you. 
Sometimes I wish I could be alone, 
with only  Thoughts and I. 
We wouldn’t think of anything, 
we wouldn’t even try.
Sometimes I wish the world would say goodbye, 
and leave us be. 
If only we could run free, 
away from their judging eyes. 
Sometimes I wish I was no one, 
my Thoughts feel the same,
If I am me I have won,
To not be me would be a shame. 
Sometimes I wish I was asleep, 
When everyone tells me who to be. 
If I’m dreaming do not wake,
my Thoughts and I don’t want to see. 
Sometimes I wish I was alone, 
with only Thoughts and I. 
If I am dreaming do not wake, 
my Thoughts and I don’t want to see. 


Ruahines said...

Wow! Stunning words. They resonate with me, I have been both places.
To the writers: Thank you and Kia kaha!

Lori said...

Brilliantly sad...there was a day these words were mine...I remember writing things like this when I was in high school English...I am sure they knew without a doubt what kind of home I came from and the life I lived...I had a creative writing teacher that really encouraged me to take my feelings and thoughts and put them on paper instead of turning it inwards and hurting myself. I am absolutely postive that you have touched this writers life, as well as other students. I have never forgetton this teacher that encouraged me. Keep up the great work dear friend. I will be praying for the writer of these poems. XX

JMH said...

Wow, kids are honest, huh? Of course that should be the first rule of poetry, or art of any kind.

I hope it's not as bad at home as it sounds, and if it is, that your student has access to someone who will listen and help.

With a means to escape and little bit of polish, the sky's the limit for this one.

Kittie Howard said...

Amazing words! The depth is so beyond a young student's years. I hope that your student has a friendly shoulder to lean on.

When you have a chance, I've a little something for you at my place.