Friday, December 10, 2010

This May Not Come Across Very Well at All

"I am friend of my girl friend, kind understanding, support, respect her and help her achieving her dreams, fun , love sports, i am a serious guy now!!!...i ve passed that adolcence fase.
i want to find a woman that we can be friends...that we can match eachother...i am trying...i will not give up untill i find her , i know she is somewre out there , so i will keep on looking for her soulmate...i believe in that....that give sense to life ...happy love...perfet fall in love the most wonderfull thing!!!"

I already know this post is destined to have the appearance of poking fun at people. It's trying desperately not to. It's really only poking fun at me, Stella. It's only poking fun at the myriad of situations I have found myself trying to meet people across this amazing planet of ours.

When I was living in Europe last year, it was not my first time. However, it was the first time that Europe seemed to have become just as effected by online dating as America now is. When I lived there before, I was always meeting people in organic ways. They usually involved going to church, meeting people at church, becoming friends with people at church, and then becoming friends with all of THEIR friends (who were mostly non-religious in Europe). That's how I always did it, and I've awesomely acquired a very successful social life while living abroad.

This past year, was not the case. First, I don't go to church anymore. Second, I was in Switzerland when it was too cold to do much, but I promised myself that I would go out and meet people when I moved to Portugal. I tried. When I could. I worked long hours and I could never quite plan things as my boss was flippant and hard to pin down and could ask me to work all night on a whim--not really caring if I had made any plans. After a few nights going out alone, I realized I was a target for drunk men looking for a hookup. I felt like one too. I didn't know how to meet people this way! Late, one evening, I looked on the Portuguese website (three day free trial y'all!) and there were several hundred people signed up. Two actually had profiles in English.

Yes. I copied them down and just randomly found them in my email inbox when I was cleaning it out today. Yes, I am going to post them here. Yes, if you know me, these are even more awesomer. Yes, they might poke fun a little, but I am sure if I tried to write one in Portuguese it would come across a similar fashion and I would have a sense of humor about it and allow a very American guy to post it on his blog for all to read and smile about. Yes, everything about this post is ok. One is posted at the beginning of this post. And here is the other one.


And no, I was not seduced into signing up and emailing them, though I should have because I like people who want to help me achieve my dreams, who think I can give them a sense to life and most of all, I enjoy the nature.

"Hi. I´m a normal person who is taking the best side of internet. I am intelligent, sincere and concentrate person. Like to travel, be with friends, watch the moon, walk on rain love love the green of the nature. I enjoy read a good book, go to cinema. I am a little bit shy at start. I enjoy cooking sometimes, specially cakes. A good person. Fun person, that enjoys the nature. Someone that show the feelings, very honest and true. I´m looking for someone that enjoys life, don´t harms their own health. That likes and protect the nature (as much as possible). Someone i can trust."

p.s.--this man can walk on rain!!!!!!

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cc said...

Ha! Too funny.

You know what's sad? I saw profiles like this over 10 years ago on from english-as-a-first-language speakers.