Monday, January 3, 2011

In Just Two Weeks

I painted my room blue. And I went with those decals I was apondering about.

My white pillows got a spot on some old couches.

I bought a paint color called "Country Dairy" with no shame and put it on these here walls of my kitchen.

I took my little childhood chair out of storage.

Found a resting place for an old milk can.

Put my rusty bench on my very own front porch.

Loved this pillow so much I went back for it after a week of salivating.

Discovered these old vases I bought from a lady in Tuscany a few years ago.  I liked her.

Had tea.

Bought fruit.

Lined up glasses.

In addition I have:

Painted three rooms and four ceilings
Refinished an antique dresser
Unpacked over forty boxes
Caulked a bathtub
Painted cupboards
Mudded and sanded walls
Replaced power outlets
Visited Home Depot about 23 times
Replaced blinds
Hung curtains
Hammered things
Got a power drill of my own
And so much more.



Holly said...

Congratulations! This is so exciting, and I'm so happy for you.

I hope you'll have a housewarming party soon, and I can see all this loveliness myself.

lenalou said...

This looks beautiful! Nice work. I'm also angling for an invite to your housewarming :-).

Krisanne said...


Christine said...

Who the hell needs a man around, if you can do all that?? :)
I love the look of your new place, it looks like it should be in a magazine!! Serious!!

Christine said...

Power drills are very empowering.. I swear it!!

LizF said...

Beautiful job!!

JonJon said...

Candles! You forgot to mention all the classy candles!

Looks fantastic. I really wish I lived close enough to attend a housewarming party. I would for sure respect your white pillows.

EmilyCC said...

Lovely! I can't wait for my next visit to see it all in person!

Jenny said...

Wow, I'm very impressed by your skills and determination. I'm very much a procrastinator when it comes to remodeling.

Jenny said...

p.s. I live close enough to be invited to the housewarming party too. You know, like, if you have one or something.

Boquinha said...

Beautiful! Magazine worthy, for sure. And so uncluttered -- how do you manage that?

Katherine said...

It looks amazing - you should be extremely proud! Wow! I love your bedroom, it looks magnificent :)

K xx

Newt said...

WOW looks soooo good. I love love LOVE the green tiles in your kitchen.