Thursday, December 2, 2010


Last Saturday, while at Sam Weller's book store listening to David Sedaris, a very eccentric older lady approached me. She had on a leopard print faux fur coat. She had bleached, bleached blond hair that seemed unruly in a pretty awesome way. Where it looks like you didn't have to put any effort into it, and you probably didn't, but others try to replicate it with a LOT of effort. And she had red, red lips. Which I dig. And she had some cat-framed glasses. Which I also dig. 

In fact, I just thought she looked amazing and different. A lady that lives life on her own time fame and with her own rules. I noticed her the second I walked into the book store. Because of all of the aboved mentioned reasons. 

Imagine my surprise, as I was browsing through some used Beatrix Potter books for my niece for Christmas, that I looked up and she was standing right beside me. She looked at me, smiled, and said in a thick Russian accent:

 "I have something for you. Read it. Read it and then let me know."

And then she walked away.

Interesting. I opened up the folded piece of paper and saw a freshly written note:

Aw. Sweet. The rest of the note contained some information on her art. Now, I know she might give these to any tall blond that she sees. But that's ok by me. I just love that she went around and asked people to be part of her art. I often see people I want to photograph, but I get nervous to just take one of them without their permission (people can be paranoid that way), and then I get nervous to ask them too. So, I'm thinking of doing something similar. Just give them my card and tell them I'd LOVE to photograph them if they are willing. Flattering? Weird? I'm on the fence still. 


Krisanne said...

Flattering. Oh so flattering. (And Viktoria is right: your face is lovely. I couldn't stop talking about your flawless skin to KaRyn).

JonJon said...

I agree, I would be flattered. I love everything about this story. Everything.

skippylongjacket said...

Flattering! How intriguing!

cc said...

Are you going to do it?!

I would absolutely ask people if you can photograph them. What a fun way to connect to people around you.

Rowena said...

That is awesome. What boldness! I aspire to that bravery. Isn't there a challenge somewhere on the web where people take however many photos of strangers? I don't know, is it some outrageous number like 100? After taking on a challenge like that, I'm sure we could get rid of our fear of putting ourselves out there.

No. I am not taking on that challenge.

But I think you should.

oh. did you want me to put this blog on my side bar for the 25 days of creativity? I'm putting it on, but if you'd rather do it without a sidebar, or a different blog, I can do that, too.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora d'arcy,
Go for it! On both counts.
Kia kaha!

Holls said...

Agreed to all of the above. Compliments from strangers are my favorite. They're honest. They don't have to approach you and compliment you. But when they do, it's a great feeling. Flattery for sure. Go with it because it's true. And be sure to share with us! ;)

Kittie Howard said...

What a really nice story. I think you should pose for her and, yes, you should ask others if they would pose for you. Politely done, I don't see any harm.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Wow! Totally flattering! Would make my day or even my year.

Michelle said...

Your face IS lovely! Do it! I want to see.

I'm home from Mexico and almost done with school, which means we can plan something soon!

Much love.