Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pillows. A slightly boring post.

I have taken great delight (i.e. I'm totallyfreakingobsessedandneedhelpplease) in scouring every store I go into for the most random and beautiful and AFFORDABLE throw pillows I can find. So far I have bought three. This completes my living room. All in white.

I got this one from Pottery Barn:
I got it in White.

This is one I got at Pier One. It's fuzzy and totally different from what I usually go for:

Here is one I bought today at Urban Outfitters.

I got it in White.

I didn't buy this one of the Garden Gnomes, though I seriously debated about it (seems I want a gnome wherever I go lately!)

I'm keeping the ones for the living room all in whites. However, my cottage kitchen bench needs about three to five pillows in various shades of yellow. If you have any ideas....or if you make pillows....please contact me.

Thank you. You can all roll your eyes now :)

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Kittie Howard said...

Great choices! Don't have any suggestions because I think you've got a good eye and are doing just fine. Happy Shopping!