Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Women on Top

Recently, I read an article that discussed what they termed "The Oscar Curse" ...apparently, women who win the Oscar tend to find themselves out of love shortly thereafter. While I thought this was just a story made sensational to sell papers, I was surprised when I looked at the list that went on and on and on. I really do try to look for the positive in life, but some-not-so-nice-things become so obvious, they are hard to ignore. Usually, these things have a lot to do with equality, gender roles, and cultural expectations.

After a beautiful and heartfelt speech that brought her husband to tears, Sandra Bullock is now the object of a scandal of infidelity, and could very well be heading for a split.

Reese Witherspoon marriage ended 19 months after she thanked husband Ryan Philippe on the Oscar stage.

Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes seemed like soulmates, one of the Hollywood couples that might actually last. But she wins the Oscar, and a year later they announce their split. Could the two be linked?

Then there was Hilary Swank, who forgot to thank Chad Lowe in her first Oscar acceptance speech (the marriage survived) but said his support meant "the world" in the second (they separated a year later).
Julia Roberts split from her long time boyfriend, Benjamin Bratt, shortly after her Oscar win. In an interview, Bratt confessed that her fame was like a fly constantly buzzing in his ear while they were together. I wonder if she felt the same about his fame?

Halle Berry had to endure quite the public sex-scandal with her then husband. Their divorce took place only months after her win.

So what gives? Is it all just coincidence? Just Hollywood drama? Or do women who prove successful in their careers really just prove to be unsuccessful in love? Can the women really be the alpha in the relationship?


Stina said...

Really interesting post. I too had heard of this Oscar "curse" and am sooo sad about Sandra Bullock. I love her!

There has got to be something going on, right? I think in a relationship both partners can definitely be the Alpha in some things and in different spheres. But when you throw in Hollywood and fame into it, it just screws things up. But this is a case of "better off without them" if their men can't handle their Alpha-ness right?

Celestial Horizon said...

Yeah, I love Sandra Bullock too. The list is just too coincidental to ignore, it could be the Alpha-ness, but I can't help but wonder if their man can be so bothered by it.

Aerin said...

I think it's drama. I think a lot of hollywood couples split. What about women prior to 1995? That's what I would like to see. And best actor males.

I also think it's okay for women to leave relationships where they are not happy, or there is infidelity. I guess I just sometimes think there is a double standard for celebrities and politicians than there is for our neighbors, family and friends (if that makes sense). PS. love your blog, hope it's okay for me to comment here.

sammy said...

ive never heard of the supposed curse until now.

alot of hollywood marriages fail for numerous reasons and i'd say each of these actress' were considered successful before winning the oscar.

also, i dont really follow the hollywood drama scene, but from what ive heard, sandra and halle were just 'cursed' with choosing bums to date.

Stella said...

Stina--I agree on many levels. At the core of the relationship should be so much of what you and D have. I think these strong women just get scrutinized a bit more because of there fame. However, I do also believe that their fame has played a role in some of the struggles they have faced. How could it not?

Celestial Horizon--I know, it's a funny thing--the fine balance between male and female/ yin and yang. I wonder if men are CONDITIONED to feel all these feelings of competition and alpha-ness or if they are born that way.

Aerin!!! Welcome! Please comment any time. I went to your blog and spent a delightful amount of time there today. Thank you so much for reading. I agree about the drama and the hype around it. I also agree about the double standard. I was living in Paris during the Clinton/Monica incident and the French had no end in rolling their eyes at the USA. The very young and naive me said, "Don't you care if a politician did this?" And I remember a French lady saying, "Um, no, who a man has sex with doesn't really reflect on how he can do his job, and besides, it's none of our business.

Sammy--you make me laugh, and yeah, I think you are right about the Sandra and Halle bit.