Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Thoughts of Spring make me want to breathe in fresh flowers and read a book while sitting by the lake. To feel the sun warm my cherry-blossom cheeks and squint my eyes in the sun.
Thoughts of spring make me want to braid my hair like I did today so the breeze doesn't blow it in my eyes. To have my hair smell like sunshine and lavender.
And write pretty letters on vintage paper to send to my love ones far away.
And wear light clothes that make me feel like a woman...clothes that barely rest on my skin, clothes that feel like light wind and warmth and smell like lemon.
And eat fresh things that grow on local trees.
Then tie everything up with an easter-egg flavored bow.


sammy said...

great imagery.

all what you said makes me yearn for texas' spring season where i would sit in my hammock out back, read and nap, then read again until it was time to get the kids from school.

i cant believe you write letters ; )

Stella said...

Hammocks are a MUST in life! And yeah, I still write letters, more so since I moved to Europe...seems exotic to my nieces and nephews to have an Aunt "overseas" :)