Friday, March 26, 2010

Something like Love Letters....

Over at the Dancing Newt (who is a terribly delightful blogger, by the way), Newt posted some of her recent love letters. I loved them so much, that I decided to copy her and do the same. Thank you, Newt.

Dear Switzerland,

Just so you know, yelling at me louder in German is not going to make me understand you. I thought speaking French, Italian, some Spanish, and some Indonesian was enough for you?

Dear Bread Baker,

You are the magician I always wished I could be. How do you do it? Each little loaf is a gift from the heavens.

Dear Police Officer,

I am sorry I didn't pay my 1 franc parking today and you felt you had to give me a 40 franc ticket. I promise not to try to cheat the system again.

Dear Alp Air,

You're so cool, crisp, and delightful that I might just have to breathe you in.

Dear Utah,

Today, well, today I really missed your sounds and smells, today I missed all your people and faces and food and the English you speak. Take care. I hope to see you soon.

Dear iTunes,

Please lower your prices. Seriously, you need a frequent shopper card.

Dear Blindside,

I avoided you because I have a hard time with sentimental movies that manipulate my feelings (like when I cried at Wilson (the volleyball) getting lost in the water), but then I got desperate, so I rented you from iTunes....and yeah, I kinda dug it.

Dear Jon Stewart,

Marry me, please.

Dear Dave Eggers,

Write more, please.

Dear Fox,

You better bring FRINGE back asap before I have to come over there and take care of it.

Dear Heart,

I think you are finally mended back together again. Switzerland has stitched you up all nice and neat. It feels good to have you whole.


sammy said...

jon stewart?


Stella said...

Yes sir.

And what's more...I'd like to have a threesome with Stephen thrown into the mix.

I just bet he has the SWEETEST pillow talk.

(p.s.--I want to know the sentence you were talking about yesterday. I can handle it.)

Rowena said...


Michelle said...

Dear Friend,

I miss you. I can't wait until your visit when we will eat tacos, cupcakes, and share music.

Your friend,


Newt said...