Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hot Spinster

I basically just bought this entire outfit. How could I resist? Every good spinster needs a quality cardigan. I learned that lesson way back when I was watching Marian sing in The Music Man. I decided today that my cardigan is going to be yellow, like my hair.
Now, if only I could learn a party trick like this girl. It might just secure my popularity in the new town that I'll be calling "home."


Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

That is a great outfit.

jomama said...

now i am jealous of you for even more reasons! i've been wanting that entire outfit ever since i saw it in the anthropologie catalog. well done you! and you are definitely hot, (but not a spinster.)

Michelle said...

please bring this in june so I can tell you how cute you look in it.

Rowena said...

Awesome! I love this outfit. I want to wear it. I've had enough years as a spinster, I think I can wear it anyway, even if I'm not anymore. I think it's good for the teacher and librarian in us all, too.

I'm glad you posted about the nestle tool-ouse from phoebe. I love that bit. And it helped me find your blog which I think I lost for a while.

Flying girl needs an outfit like this, but I haven't been painting any for a while.

Stella said...

Thanks Ladies! It's so good to see some familiar faces coming back to my old words and new blog! I am so happy to have you here!

I will definitely wear this out on the town when I see you Michelle! It's the perfect outfit for a used-to-be teacher-turned professional career woman, living in tropical place!

sammy said...

well im not a lady and havent the slightest as to what a spinster is, but i do like cardigans