Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We Real Cool

We like Gwendolyn Brooks. In fact, so deep is our love, that my 11th graders all had to write their own version of "We Real Cool". Here is the original poem, along with four of my favorite adaptations.

We real cool. We
Left school. We

Lurk late. We
Strike straight. We

Sing sin. We
Thin gin. We

Jazz June. We
Die soon.

We Are Great

We are great. We
stay out late. We

Shoot drugs. We 
Chill with thugs. We 

Drink our drink. We
Puke in the sink. We

Smoke weed. We 
Have what we need.


You real dumb. You 
Jump the gun. You

 All hate. You
Infiltrate. You

All fall. You
Feel real small. You 

Now loose. You 
Can't choose.

We Talk Fast 

We talk fast. We 
Leave last. We 

Stress out. We 
Scream and shout. We 

Obsess. We 
Distress. We 

Have cracks. We 
Need to relax. 


We real cool. we 

Like rule. We

Joke 'round. We
think sound. We

Know legit. We
Have fits. We

Think chill. We
Live thrill.


JMH said...

"...We/Have what we need."


That works on a couple levels. Good teachin'. Encourage that writer.

cc said...

Love it.

jorg wobblington lopez said...

I love Seven at the Golden Shovel. Imagine, a golden shovel....

Rowena said...

there is nothing like teaching poetry to high school students. i adore it. obviously so do you. great job.

Kittie Howard said...

These kids have talent! Super job, Stella! You're one fantastic teacher!!

Thanks for stopping by. Ahhh, the south...hope you get home soon!