Monday, November 8, 2010

Small Town

Well, I was born in a small town. I was raised in a small town. I go back to that small town and visit every so often. I stayed at my parents this weekend because I had a wedding reception to go to for an old high school friend. I went to go rent a video after the festivities. Blockbuster was having a sale, so I bought several movies from documentaries (Chalk and No Impact) to an awesome foreign film featuring Gael Garcia Bernal (whom I love and adore) 

Video Guy: You know this film is in Spanish, like right?
Me: Yes.
Video Guy: Cause people like bring it back and get mad that it's in Spanish.
Me: I like Spanish.

ringing up my movies....

Video Guy: Would you like me to like put these in a bag for you?
Me: Oh, I have my own. 

pulling out my reusable awesome bag that I always have on hand.

Video Guy: Awesome! This is like SO SO European! Dude!
Me: We should totally make them American. Don' you think.
Video Guy: Totally.
Me: Totally.


JMH said...

Which film did you get?

Speaking of films subtitled in Spanish, have you seen Duck Season? I liked it a lot. I'm not a big movie person. I like to watch one every couple weeks, but it better be good, otherwise I'll just go stare out the window. If you're on Netflix you can find me.

Holls said...

That's a lot of like, likes. Lol!
I love how European you are, my dear! Oh and intelligent.

Newt said...

Oh you might like it in Boston. :)

Stella said...

The film is "Talk to Her"