Monday, November 15, 2010

Real Couture

There were many amazing moments that happened as I strolled San Fran's many piers on Saturday. I shot about 6 rolls of film and will have to wait a few weeks to get them back and post all my photos here. Yep. You heard right. Not a digital image in the bunch. I have gotten so used to shooting digital lately that I feel sloppy, like it doesn't matter if each shot counts because I'll just take another if I don't like it.

That's not how I become a better photographer.

So, I took my Nikon F100 and my 85mm lens I wanted to try out, and I shot film for about 8 hours straight.

Can't wait.

I also met the lady featured in this photo. She is FANTASTIC and owns this shop. It's all charity based and her store was vintage heaven. I bought a blue, 1950s Saks Fifth avenue nighty for about $60.00 (cheaper than Victoria Secret!) and--the best piece ever, a blue dress that I will feature here on the blog in a post all of it's own.

Joy circa 1966
Joy and her store will be featured in Harper's Bazaar next month. Look for her there. Although, to really recognize her you'll have to picture her with very large, very round, very black glasses, a cashmere sweater, sweat pants, old man boots, and a beehive hair style. At least, that's what she was wearing on Saturday when I met her.

She invited me back to San Fran to see a private showing of ALL her vintage pieces, a few Dior gowns in the $2,000 range, Oscar de la Renta and etc. If any of you want to join me for a piece of artistic heaven, let me know. I'll probably be going back in the Spring. You can read another cool piece about her (as well as see some of the great clothes that are donated to her)  here.

Joy featured with her favorite YSL dress


jomama said...

awesome! how exciting for you. can't wait to see your film when it's done!

LizF said...


Kittie Howard said...

Wow, really elegant!! And love that red dress. Looking forward to your photos!

Stella said...

If I can be as full of energy as she IS--then I'll be a happy lady. She was AMAZING and she really loves what she does--that's the best part.