Sunday, November 28, 2010

Desperately Seeking Blue

In an earlier post about my journey to San Fran, I mentioned that I found an awesome vintage shop and I bought two awesome vintage pieces. Please forgive the AWFUL photos...really, it pains my artistic soul that I don't have better photos to post for this, but it's really snowy and dark outside and the dress is wrinkled and I'm not in the mood to iron.


The first dress is the one featured here. Made by a very popular San Fran designer it dates back to 1951. 

It's make by Nelly Gaffney and is in FLAWLESS condition. Just perfect for me and my complexion and for just under $100--truly a steal. Have you seen the prices at Anthropologie these days?

This is a delicate little nighty circa 1955 from Saks Fifth Avenue. I got it for $40.00. Which, in my mind, is less than what you would spend at Victoria Secret for something not quite as charming or delicate or finely detailed.

The neckline is what sold me. And the blue.

I found this little number while thrifting with one of my dear friends. We popped into Savers and found this dress in about five minutes. It was $7.99.

Seriously. Could my love affair with powder blue be indulged any better than this?!

What color are you pining for these days?


Jenny said...

These vintage clothes are stunning! And so funny that they're all in the same color.

Holly said...

I absolutely LOVE this soft, icy color. And the one you nabbed for $7.99- what a steal! It's gorgeous! I'm glad we both had a blast in San Fran. ;-)

Holls said...

I love them! And I love you! I bet these little articles of clothing look amazing on you!

LizF said...

I love them all!