Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Carrie Saxl

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Last Saturday I hit a local market right around Pier 1 in San Francisco. I was drawn to a small arts fair and especially to the booth of Carrie Saxl. Her jewelry is so beautiful, delicate, and amazing in real life (and in these photos!) She had a sale, and then she offered 20% off the sale price for pre-Holiday shopping. Needless to say, it was hard for me to keep my purchase price down. I wish I could have bought a necklace for ALL of my friends. I, however, selfishly bought myself an awesome creation. I couldn't find a photo of it, but I'll try and take one and post it later. It ROCKS!

I don't do much Christmas shopping. However, I would highly recommend this delicate treasures. I love meeting and supporting people who love what they do, work hard at doing it, and go home tired and happy.

Check out Carrie's website here.

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Holls said...

I LOVE these! I'm pretty sure i'll be shopping her website pretty soon! Thanks for sharing!