Friday, February 12, 2010

choose love

Fear is never love, and love is never afraid.

There is nothing to lose for love. Why should love be afraid? Love only gives. It is not a business transaction, so there is no question of loss or profit. Love enjoys giving, just as flowers enjoy releasing their fragrance.

Fear is a grave, love is a temple. In love, life comes to its ultimate peak. In fear, life falls to the level of death. Fear stinks, love is fragrant.

Be afraid of your ego, be afraid of your lust, be afraid of your greed, be afraid of your possessiveness; be afraid of your jealousy---but there is no question of being afraid of love. Love is divine! Love is like light. When there is light, darkness cannot exist. When there is love, fear cannot exist.

Love can make a great celebration out of your life, but only love--not lust, not ego, not possessiveness, not jealousy, not dependence.


Lori said...

I love your words. XX You are so spot on. Thank you.

JMH said...


Newt said...

Beautiful words, beautiful meaning.

It can be so terrifying to open yourself up to be truly loved, though. Why is that?

Stella said...

I don't know really, but I've found that it gets easier and easier the older I get (and I'm not that old) so hopefully, if I just find someone as unafraid to love as I am, then I'll be lucky.

Newt said...

Yes you're right. It has been getting a little easier with age. It is still pretty scary, for me at least.

Here's to more age and more wisdom!