Saturday, February 20, 2010


Me: Hmm, no one really gets me.Him: Gets you?Me: Yeah, you know, I just want someone to understand me.Him: You're ungettable! That's part of your charm.Me: That's a really nice thing to say.Him: But that's the cool thing about you: if anyone could figure you out, you wouldn't be you.And no one wants you not to be you. Stay true to your unfathomability.


JMH said...

I feel that mystery is important because it allows the imagination to work. That should be a basic part of early education: there are things that we can't understand, and we are drawn to them. I'm certain that Mr. Fred Rogers, god rest his soul (now) in the neighborhood of make-believe, agrees.

Stella said...

Imagination is like air to breathe for the mind!. I just wish Mr. Rogers would have been more imaginative in his sweater choice, that always bugged me as a kid.

TheUndertaker said...

Women are mystery, that's for sure, but I don't think men fully appreciate this mystery. We just want to be found within it and men get lost on the way, and never ask for directions. Sigh.