Thursday, February 25, 2010

What the FRINGE!!

I rarely get impressed with television, unless it's the Olympic ice skating competitions, but let's face has kind of sucked since someone allowed the Bachelor to air. The Bachelor was the beginning of reality tv and from that came Big Brother, Fear Factor, and a million other things just not worth watching. I was over tv, I really was. It was a drug for the masses and I was just too smart to fall for that.

Enter J.J. Abrams. He has provided me with tv crack! And I'm addicted to everything he does.

Abrams caught my eye with the very first episode of ALIAS. I still remember what I was doing at the moment that I saw it (I was just at home in my pjs, nothing big). Then he blew my mind away with LOST, but I had too much school work to really keep up on everything and I just kept getting LOST with the plot line (all has been redeemed now as I have seasons 1-5 on DVD and know am in the know...Jacob, you scare me).

But what has REALLY blown me away is the new series FRINGE. I own Season 1 on DVD and watched it here in my cozy Swiss chalet. I was going to get Season 2 when it came out this fall. But I couldn't wait. I've been downloading EVERY episode (lest you think me a spend-a-holic, I do NOT download it in HD, saves me a dollar per episode! Ka-Ching!) and the last episode, Jacksonville, had me on pins and needles. When it ended, I literally yelled out loud, "What the FUCK J.J.!!!!"

Yep, it's that good.
And more than that. I think I have found my dream man. Sure, he was all cute in The Mighty Ducks trilogy and that's to be admired. Then he did Dawson's Creek. I confess, I never got into Dawson's ever. Unless you think me an elitist, it probably conflicted with 90210 episodes. So yeah, never hath these eyes seen an episode, except last July in French when it was the only thing on Swiss tv and Katie Holmes was debating between Dawson and Pacey! Hello! No comparison. That's like trying to decide between Tom Cruise and Keith Urban!

Back to the point....sweet JOSHUA JACKSON, I have underestimated your charm! For real! It's like a small part of me wants to go out and buy all the old seasons of DC just so I can watch you more. Yep, probably in a stalker and voyeuristic way. Sorry for that Diane Kruger (his current mate...not for long....just kidding, hope they're very happy together!)

I mean, look at this man. My perfect in every way. Not so good looking that it's intimidating (like Jack on LOST), but just an adorable man who is going to wear warm colored sweaters and bring me tea in bed every morning, looking just like that. Let the celebrity crush begin!


Stina said...

I have never heard of this show! And I LOVE Alias and JJ Abrams. I guess I will have to Netflix it. And I had no idea Pacey was still working -- ha ha! He does look good in that pic.

Stella said...

You will get sucked in. Just be's a little gory at the beginning of each episode. So don't watch it when eating. Just my advice. It's like you WANT to look away...but you just can't! That's the magic of it!

Anonymous said...

I am in total agreement with you. I loath the reality shows (unless it's Stacy London and Clinton helping me get my fashion sense down) and I rarely watch TV these days. J.J. Abrams has always captured my attention since Felicity. As soon as I found out about Alias, I was hooked. Same with LOST. Pilot episodes and all! I saw the first 3 episodes of Fringe and absolutely loved it! Unfortunately, riding the bus in Hawaii made it impossible for me to catch it so I am hereby swearing to make it my next show to catch up on. After Pushing Daisies, I will give you a full report :)


Stella said...

Audrey! I totally failed to mention my love for Felicity!! I was absolutely hooked on that series too. He really is just an amazing story teller. Thanks for reading the blog! So fun to have you comment here!