Monday, May 23, 2011

No More Pencils. No More Books

Today is the first day of the last week of school. I can BARELY CONTAIN MYSELF. As many of you know, I'm in a little charter school in the middle of nowhere. We get out earlier than most schools because they didn't have enough money to pay all the teachers for that extra week. Good Times.

A few days ago a friend came over for a visit. And when he saw me bubbly and happy and singing and being the me I usually think of as me he asked me if I had been drinking. It's a sad, sad realization to know that for people to see you peppy you had to have taken to thee ole bottle (not that I get super peppy when I drink. I mostly just get tired and silly.)

Alas! No! I did NOT need alcohol to feel this way! I felt this way naturally! I felt this way because I could taste the freedom of summer and the knowledge that I had been offered another job (a good job!) so that I would never have to return to that part of the world AGAIN. And I realized how hard this year has been on me. I reread my blog posts about heartbreak and life's hardknocks and it makes me want to throw something (sorry about that). I remember when I used to be funny. I used to be able to spin a good yarn. I used to not quote Jean Paul Sartre in response to people talking about Heaven. I used to wear yellow! I used to do my hair!

So, I've decided, with this summer vacation it might be time to take that portrait of Emily Dickinson off my refrigerator and replace it with Doris Day! Because that's what I feel like. About time.


Jenny said...

That Doris Day picture is a very happy one, and she really does look a bit like you. I know as a former teacher that summer provides such a needed break. Enjoy every second. By the way, what is your next job? And where are you going?

Stella said...

Thank you Jenny! I will be traveling most of June, but can't wait to just tend to my lavender and peonies I have just planted.

The job is a drama position at a great high school. I won't say it on this blog, but I should be announcing it on facebook soon--as soon as I tell the other school I'm leaving!

Holls said...

I love it!!! Enjoy your life and live it up! The traveling definitely helps ;)