Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Breakfast in Bed

Traveling wears on you, especially after the age of 25. Jet setting all of last year to Switzerland, Portugal, China, Norway, New York and Salt Lake City--I did decide that it might be nice to take a year off. Go no where. Do nothing. Apparently, I am bad at doing nothing.

The last few weeks I have been to San Francisco, New York City, Boston/Cambridge, Portland, Newport (OR), and now Corvallis.

I haven't rested much.

So, imagine my utter delight when my hostess brought me breakfast in bed this morning--granola, creamy yogurt, and fresh berries. No one has done that for me, perhaps, ever. It was, in my opinion, what heaven just might be like.


JMH said...

Granola, yogurt, and fresh berries, huh? That sounds good. I mean, it's no halved sausage links with fancy colored toothpicks stuck in them and a cup of gravy for dipping, but maybe that's a Midwest thing. We like to die early, and in bed.

Stella said...

As long as it's not death by colored toothpick. Hopefully you Midwesterners draw the line somewhere.