Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blogging More

photo from Bee Photography

I'm blogging more and reading blogs more. I'd LOVE to know what you recommend. If there are great blogs out there about life, happiness, photography, vintage clothes, art and painting, or simply full of love stories, I'd like to know what they are! Please feel free to leave your recommendations here!


JonJon said...

My friend Chelsea has a really cool design blog:

This guy posts a lot of really cool/beautiful images and quotes:

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Hey, Chelsea's my friend too!

This is my friend Ryan's photography site. I think his stuff is great.

Denise doesn't post to frequently but her posts are worth the wait

My friend, Tamara, did a really amazing dating experiment and has an amazing love story from it.

Rowena said...

There are so many! Hard to choose. I read a bunch of blogs on my googlereader. I should really put them on my sidebar. Really I should.
you might like
elsa mora
geninne's art blog
aesthetic outburst
melissa loves
oh happy day
how about orange
thrift candy
camp comfort
jen lemen
kelly rae
magpie girl
boho photography
secret notebooks wild pages

sorry I don't have some links. I have limited time this morning.

Stella said...

Wow! So much fun! Thank you! I love these. Anything with beautiful photos and a beautiful message makes me happy.