Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I recently did two mini-shoots for some of my favorite women. They have babies gestating inside of them. I wonder how that feels. Pregnancy, lately, seems to be all around me. Lots and lots of people I know are expecting. Lots want to be expecting. Lots.

You can read about her experience here.

With marriages and babies bursting forth at the seems of life, sometimes, I wonder, in my quite little home, if I am missing something greater than I even know...or if my quiet is exactly what is right for me. I guess there is no use wondering. 

You can read a little about her here.

In any case, have I mentioned how much I'd like to photograph you? I'm giving most of the money I make from photos this month to sponsor a woman at for 2011. So come on. Book a session.


Lori said...

I think you are exactly where you are suppose to be. :) The photo's of the mommys to be are precious. You know if I lived within 200 miles of you, you would so be taking pictures of my little's(not me :) I say 200 miles because I am thinking of my sanity in how long we would have to travel. :)

You are such a dear for doing all of this for such a worthy cause...if I had any extra money laying around it would be sent to you for this. :)

Happy picture taking! XX

Stella said...

Thank you Lori. Love you!