Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Be Bold

Recently, a lovely friend of mine wrote a post that I applaud. It echoes a declaration that I made myself about four years ago. I forgot how harrowing it was for me to make this declaration in the forum that I did. I forgot how harsh the responses could be from fellow Christians. I simply forgot.

This post made me remember how real the battle for equality still is in many parts of this state of mine. If you want to chime in and offer your support (and read the comments out of wide-eyed curiosity's sake). then please do so.

Coming Out


JonJon said...

I loved your comment on Krisanne's post.

Craig said...

Agreed. The idea that to question is bad in Mormonism is one of the most absurd (and harmful) teachings.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora Stella,
I have been away from the blogging world until recently, and was surprised to find you still here, I am not sure why, I guess just that I have not checked in for awhile. This post, and the post on Bottari, brought tears to my eyes and aroha to my heart for all of you. I just left a response to your comment at my place, but I write again, Tara and I dig you! You rock. I actually don't believe in heroes, but you are a hero. Kia kaha e hoa. I hope we can share some thoughts over a glass or two in front of the fire with some good tunes happening one day :)