Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Wedding Invitation

Sometimes I wish this blog weren't so dedicated to keeping identities private and I could put all the pretty pictures up that I take. This one is sans faces, so I think it is safe.

As my sweet sister, her fiance, and I drove down to Utah county to take engagement photos on my uncle's farm (because, where else would one go?)...the wording of her wedding invitations was the hot topic of deep conversation.

I suggested:
"What is a friend but one soul in two bodies."

She suggested:
"Cute spinster finally gets married to hot bachelor and gives everyone my age some semblance of hope."

Then I suggested:
"He's finally going to make an honest woman out of me."
(they've been co-habitating for awhile now)

And she put in that it might be good to add:
"We are pleased to announce that we will not be living in sin anymore."

And then she remembered this wedding invitation she got once that said,
"You are invited to be a part of our fairytale."

I thought the expectations of that reception might be a little high.

So I suggested something I remember getting on a wedding invitation
(with precious moments on the cover)
"We invite you to be a witness to one of life's loveliest surprises as we are joined together in matrimony..."

And then we realized the demographic of Utah and the typical wedding reception that takes place in a church, with sheet cakes, hundreds of congregation members who give you salad spinners from Wal-Mart and wear overalls to the reception (or thereabouts).

So Her Fiance suggested:
"We request the pleasure of your company as long as you don't bring your children, give us money in lieu of gifts, and don't wear stretchy pants."

This is harder than I thought. What would Martha suggest for a black tie cocktail party/reception at a beautifully lighted venue?


Lori said...

Adorable photo. Love it! How wonderful that they have you to take their pictures. Quite honestly I would love it if I got a wedding invite with most all of those sayings. I am sure whatever they choose it will be perfect and the wedding will fit who they are but most of all the marriage will be a wonderful adventure. Enjoy being a part of it! :)

Kiley said...

That is such a great photo. Very urban and modern yet tender at the same time.

JonJon said...

Krisanne and I have joked around that if we got married (obviously purely hypothetical) we would have to send out pedigree charts with the announcements to prove that we aren't siblings or first cousins. (Since we share the same last name)

Fletch said...

Hilarious. I like what her fiance suggested. I wish I would have put that on mine, although I don't recall anyone showing up in stretchy pants.

Tracey Axnick said...

Hysterical! "stretchy pants" and salad spinners from Wal Mart are also par for the course in Georgia too, my friend. ;)

Must be the American Way.

Holls said...

Oh man, I WISH I were there for that conversation!! I bet I would have been laughing as hard as the last time we were all together... LOVE the ideas though!