Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Move over Tiffany...

I've had many a grand adventure this summer, this year, this decade. In all of those grand adventures, small moments stand out almost more fragrantly than the big ones. One such small moment was wandering in SOHO last month and coming across the most delightful jewelry store. It was an oasis for those of us who love to don a good pair of original earrings.

I was hooked the moment I saw them, but then the prices made me gulp just a little bit. But then the earrings made me gulp a lot more. So, I decided, being unemployed as I was at the time, being frugal as I was trying to be at the time, and being very aware of my bank account balance, that I would buy a pair. That's logic.

Do you ever do that? Do you ever get to such a stressed out point that you lose all control and spend $80 on a pair of earrings to make everything ok for just a moment?

I do. And I did. And I don't regret it. Because now I am employed and now I have the earrings. I wish I had a photo of them with me now, but I don't. I'll put one up soon.

Apparently GAS Bijoux is the latest rage in NYC and Paris and sweeping the world with its elegance. Take a look, you WON'T be dispppointed...unless you are. Simple. Pretty.

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EmilyCC said...

Oh, those are beautiful pieces! I always try to skimp and get jewelry from World Market, which looses a piece after one wear. Sigh...