Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Writing Brain

I used to be a writer. It's gone away. Only elementary words come into my mind. Thoughts composed solely of facebook status updates that people push a little button to "like".

Here are the last ten thoughts I had that I posted to facebook:

1. The screen of my mac gets dirty so fast....#firstworldproblems
2. I kind of like ninjas now.
3. Walking into Hollister makes me feel like an old, pale giant.
4. Spending all day with a 4 year old is like a roller coaster ride for my ovaries.
5. I literally have an ache in my heart when I think about the fact that I cannot time travel...#nerdysadness
6. I'm in California and freezing. What's up with that! P.S. my cousin is with me.
7. Decide what to be and go be it.
8. Avett Brothers in a few short hours. Hello Sunday Evening.
9. Bad Teacher
10. If only my life were more like theater camp.

That's all I got. And some of these aren't even original thoughts. They are thoughts that others have thought that I thought after them.

I don't know what this means for my soul, but the outlook isn't good. My soul is screaming for a metaphor salad right about now.


Andrew S said...

Aphorisms. look into writing those for Facebook statuses and then you can be a writer in 140 characters or less (OK, that's twitter, but the point is that more words doesn't equal more literary.)

melanie said...

I feel like my writing is always tied to what I'm reading. For instance, I just finished Philip Roth and I want to write things IN ALL CAPS. After I read John Updike I always make a more sincere effort at metaphor. BUT RIGHT NOW I'M LAZY.

JMH said...

I was walking down by the lakefront today. The air was just so thick, almost white with humidity. There was this woman in a silvery one-piece swimsuit lying on a towel, inert, tuna in mayonnaise. Oh, that was a salad metaphor. So close. So sorry.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora e hoa,
I am really starting to go off FB in many respects. My biggest beef, like Andrew states, is the limitations to express thoughts in 140 characters. Sound byte and instant, more often than not trite and inconsequential. I also am disturbed by the constant forwardness of FB. Anything posted a few days ago, a week ago, or God forbid, a few months ago, just fades away into cyber oblivion, unless we want to labouriously scroll slowly backwards. Obviously something they do not want us doing.
Remember writing letters? Where thoughts flowed and came to us, perhaps even putting it down for a day or a week, and coming back to it. The warmth of opening up your mail box and seeing a thick envelope with the familar hand writing of a treasured friend or lover. It is almost gone now, replaced by a brief second of alertness at seeing a red marker on our FB status. Not the same as holding those pages in hand, brewing a coffee and sharing a moment with the written words of people we love. Think I am going to start writing again. Kia kaha.

Stella said...

Andrew, if you're hitting your followers with aphorisms, I want to follow you :)

JMH--you serve up those metaphors with a side of wine and I'll keep being a captive audience.

Robb--I know what you mean. It's been a struggle to start writing again, something that came so flawlessly when you first met me. I'm trying to get it back and bring some lifeline into this here blog of mine.