Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Yesterday someone told me that I was going through life with new eyes since everything sort of fell apart two months ago. Because I couldn't work for dishonest people, in the end, I left it all behind. I left the country, the villa, the paycheck, the perks, the glamour, and finally am starting to feel like myself again.

I have a LOT to process from the last six weeks. And yet, I feel strangely silent and distant from the me that was once the writer of this blog.

I'm trying to reintroduce my last self to this new self. And once we've met, then I'll be back online.

It is, however, completely refreshing for me to spend a few hours reading about YOURselves.


Holly said...

Welcome home!

Looking forward to meeting the new you. :-)

Rowena said...

What an adventure you've been on. Whatever happened, you have come through with wondrous experiences.

LizF said...

I hope you're recuperating well. Welcome back!
Missed you too!

JMH said...

I'm glad.

I hope your selves can coexist, or even be friends and go get ice cream together. I was thinking of saying something like, "the self can change, but a person's core always remains." But I think it's truer to say "a person's core always remains, except when it doesn't."

I think the only universal is a bright blue-white light. Feel free to think that I'm crazy. I sometimes do.